I built a browser extension to help me earn a 400 day Duolingo streak

Best New Tab demo

I often wished I would be able to see my Duolingo streak on my browser. This kind of led me to the idea of thinking what else would I like to see on my new tab page?

Well. Let me tell you, one thing led to another and before you knew it I was able to view my Duolingo streak and manage my todo list and view my calendar right from my browser page.

Introducing Best New Tab

I am proud to share my first (real) browser extension with you. I use it everyday to view and remind myself to do my Duolingo lessons and maintain my streak. I also added some nifty features to stay on top of a busy life by viewing my upcoming calendar events and managing my todo list. I think one of the core ideas on Best New Tab is to not replicate functionality from an existing app but rather tie in and utilise their API. For example, the todolist is powered by Google Tasks and the calendar is Synced with your Google Calendar.

I would say my morning ritual has now shifted to incorporating opening up Best New Tab, viewing my Calendar, seeing what tasks I have for the day and then trying to tick off as many as possible. This includes my daily German lessons!

How to view your Duolingo streak on browser

Install Best New Tab and you will be able to view your streak. All you need to do is login to duolingo.com on their website then in the extension settings type the name of who you want to view the streak. Best New Tab will now automatically display the status of your Duolingo streak. You will never forget it again!

Duolingo streak reminder

If you need to complete a lesson on Duolingo the flame icon will be inactive. You can click on the Duolingo icon, text or flame and be instantly linked to Duolingo where you can complete your lesson.

Duolingo inactive streak

Active Duolingo streak

When you have completed your daily task on duolingo the flame will turn on. This indicates your streak is safe!

Duolingo inactive streak

The challenge is on! Can you beat my streak?