The best way to manage a todo list in your browser

Best New Tab Google Tasks

The best way to keep on top of a todo list is viewing the tasks in it often. Having your todo list on the browser new tab page is a great start!

One of my core ideologies when creating Best New Tab is that I did not want to replicate functionality of other apps, such as Google Tasks. Instead I preferred to interact with them and leverage their functionalities. This means, your todo list is the one from Google Tasks. The important thing to note here is that when you add a task via GMail, Google Tasks or another connected application. The task will seamlessly sync to Best New Tab (and vice versa).

The Biggest Productivity Tip

I would truly suggest to have the following todo list powerhouse setup.

  1. Download Google Tasks app on your phone, add the widget to your home screen.
  2. Install Best New Tab

What this will achieve is when you add a task in either spot, it will instantly be visible in the other. This means you can add tasks VERY easily when you are on your computer and VERY easily when you are out and about. This is important for maintaining a todo list because if the process is long and arduous then you will not keep it in the long term.

Add a task using Best New Tab

To add a task to a list using best new tab you simply click the + icon next to the list. This will prompt you to enter the task name and upon doing so it will send it straight off to Google Tasks (thus syncing with all your other apps).

Create a list

To create a new list, you have to go into the settings (top right settings-cog) and go to 'Tasks'. From there you can click new task list button which will prompt you for the list name. I did not want this button to be as accessible and take up screen real-estate as you probably don't create a list as often.