How to change the background in Chrome or Firefox

Change the background of your browser

Wouldn't it be refreshing and enjoyable to have a new background image in Chrome / Firefox ever day (or even ever time you open a new tab)?

Well, the background options in Best New Tab is the solution to the problem.

Change background options

  1. Make sure you have Best New Tab extension installed
  2. Click the settings icon in the top right hand corner
  3. Open the background settings

Change browser background settings

What you can change it to

In the Best New Tab settings section you can change the Google Chrome // Firefox background image to whatever category you want. You can even have multiple categories if you use a comma to seperate the category.

You can additionally specift how often you want the background to change. You can elect to refresh the background every time, daily or once a week.

What category do you like??

I set my background category to deep space and I am pretty happy with it!

Best New Tab Deep Space background