Transform the New Tab into a personal productivity suite.

All the app integrations aid you on staying on top of your busy life!

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Integrated Applications

DuolingoFitbitGoogle TasksGoogle CalendarWikipedia

Connect, view and manage your data with all of the integrated apps in Best New Tab!

More of you favourite applications are being added!

Why Best New Tab?

Privacy Focused

Privacy is important! Your data or personal browsing habbits are not tracked or stored in any way!

Increase Productivity

Easily manage your todo list, visit your frequest sites and see data from connected apps!

Blazingly fast

State of the art technology and software know-how allows for a lightning fast browsing experience!

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Free edition

  • All features
  • No support for developer
  • Upgrade box visible

Add to your browser for free!

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Premium edition

  • All features
  • Support an independant developer
  • Kickstart your productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Best New Tab?

Best New Tab is a browser extension which transforms the boring default new tab into a productivity suite.

How does Best New Tab work?

Best New Tab is written in TypeScript and React with a backend using NodeJS hosted with on serverless infrastructure.

Why should I support the development?

I (like you) will be using the internet for a long time. It makes sence to use it well. Todo lists, calendars, app integrations on one convenient page is going to save you time in the long run. Using Best New Tab is an investment in your own future and productivity.

What features are planned?

Aside from further app integrations, personalisation and customization improvements, I want Best New Tab to not be locked in with only the Chrome browser. As a result I am working on releasing it on Firefox additionally.


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